Research is too much fun

cape dis 2

Quite honestly, I’ve been enjoying the research for my new book a bit too much. How could I not, when it involves hiking scenic trails above the Columbia River? Last week, it also required me to venture to the Washington coast for an important observational study of sandy beaches and ocean waves (ahem…  I mean, “an important observational study of book setting, to ensure accuracy within all fictional scenes”).

That’s all I can say for now.

Authors can be a secretive bunch. Many of us don’t like to talk about our work while it’s still in the early, creative stages, and I’m no exception. But a few things can be revealed: my new book combines suspense with mystery. There is a quest, adventure, danger, and even romance. Some of the characters are quirky, in a true Northwest way.

So far, the book has been a blast to write—and the research even more so.

One thing I can share from last week’s trip to the coast . . . Cape Disappointment is wrongly named. If Lewis and Clark had visited in May, it would have been called Cape Spectacular.

Feast your eyes on this headland where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean–and tell me if you agree.

Cape dis 1