Mysteries of Nature

Nature is the master of mystery and camouflage. Take a close look at this picture . . . Can you guess what it’s showing?  (Hint: it’s not a rock.)

mysteries in nature f1 lt

Or how about this one? (Hint: it’s not green bark.)

mysteries in nature green


Feeling stumped?

Keep scrolling down for the answers!


Here are two different views of Photo #1. Can you see the animals now?

mystery in nature f2

mystery in nature f3

Check out the fish heads popping above the water.  It’s a busy day at the fish ladder!  This is what salmon & steelhead look like going up the ladder at the locks in Seattle, if you watch from above. The photo below shows what they look like underwater:

mystery in nature f4


Photo #2 shows water, too.  Here’s another look:

mysteries in nature green

If you zoom in, you can see it’s actually plants and algae coating the sluggish pond water:

mysteries in nature green 2A

Or you could zoom out to see the water under dappled light:

mysteries in nature green 3

Yes, nature is the master of disguise!  So what does this have to do with Tip of a Bone, you ask?  Well, you never know . . . a mystery may appear when you’re least expecting it.